Selling Your Business

"Is it time to sell?"

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  • We can advise you on the market value of your business - the first question that is normally asked by every Seller! ABS Business  Sales is able to provide a realistic market value for your business based on solid sales data - which means you should be able to sell it in a reasonable time frame, and you won't waste your time.
  • We are trained negotiators capable of dealing with lawyers, accountants, landlords, banks, local and state authorities combined with a full understanding of the complexities associated with selling a business.  We deal with these people on your behalf.
  • We represent the Seller as our client in every aspect of securing a sale.
  • We have a comprehensive data base for matching qualified buyers with Sellers.
  • We keep you regularly informed of progress we are achieving with the sale of your business.
  • We offer effective Internet exposure through many specialty Business For Sale and Commercial Portals to maximize both the local and international exposure of your business, as listed below.