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The Top 10 Business Trends That Will Drive Success In 2018- Number 1

The Top 10 Business Trends That Will Drive Success In 2018- Number 1

Published : 29 Aug 2018 Author : Ian Altman

1. Artificial Intelligence Drives Customer Experience When you think of artificial intelligence (AI), you might think of dehumanizing interactions. Don’t confuse AI with primitive marketing automation. As AI expert and leading keynote speaker Christopher Penn, VP of Marketing Technology [...]

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Today is the day of new Leadership for Australia- a new Prime Minister

Published : 24 Aug 2018

Pending a difficult week for Malcolm Turnbull , a new Prime Minister is announced Scott Morrison. The Win Scenarios He is annointed by Malcom Turnbull After 2 week break Morrison convinces Julie Bishop to support him The Lose Scenarios He could fail to get numbers because the conservative vote is [...]

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Left to Our Own Devices

Left to Our Own Devices

Published : 29 May 2018 Author : Harry

There was a saying we used to hear quite often that the US was ahead of Australia in the sense that whatever would happen to us would happen to the US first. This has been lost on the long road to recovery from the Global Financial Crisis which will celebrate its 10-year anniversary from the date that [...]

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Back to Normal Financial Times

Back to Normal Financial Times

Published : 5 Mar 2018 Author : Harry Notaras

Just under 10 years ago much of the world economy fell into a great recession. Things are finally starting to get back to normal. What ensued after the collapse of Lehman Brothers was one of the greatest policy experiments in a hundred years. The experiment was the fruit of assiduous study [...]

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The New Century, At Last

The New Century, At Last

Published : 1 Feb 2017 Author : Harry Notaras Comments :

The new century has finally begun, savagely and belatedly, like the ending of a pregnancy whose term went longer than its natural course. What has been born is over-cooked and unattractive. Can it now be made beautiful? Wherever you look, the signs of this new age appear. The most conspicuous is [...]

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