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Published : 30 Jun 2011 Author : Harry Notaras Comments :

Today's long black came to me with a very different character to yesterday's.  Precision is the theme that would best describe it. As I entered I could see the current papers neatly stacked on a long table at the front of the shop.  I can't recall if it included the [...]

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Published : 29 Jun 2011 Author : Harry Notaras

I visited a busy shop this morning very close to the CBD.  There are several coffee shops along this stretch and my intention is to visit most of them over the coming week or so.  This one was great simply because it worked. A continuous file of people came and left while I [...]

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Great Coffee, What About the Water

Great Coffee, What About the Water

Published : 28 Jun 2011 Author : Harry Notaras Comments :

It was a mixed experience this morning.  My constant search for a different shop took me to a city fringe location I had not visited for some time but which is a rich vein when it comes to independent coffee shops. The broad front of this shop and the narrow door gave it a rather Southern [...]

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Stylish Coffee

Stylish Coffee

Published : 25 Jun 2011 Author : Harry Notaras Comments :

Tags : abs business business sales brisbane business coffee time black water review getting shop glass financial read shops comes quite of office place lunch things location newspapers milk seated experience australian daily extravagant table long black read the coffee shops the the financial and the financial review and most from the the coffee coffee this and not the australian the financial review

The pleasure I derive from visiting coffee shops is only partly based on the quality of the coffee although that is clearly important.  Less and less have I been forced to endure a burnt or overextracted coffee.  This is indicative of standards that are high and rising - at least in the [...]

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