I visited a busy shop this morning very close to the CBD.  There are several coffee shops along this stretch and my intention is to visit most of them over the coming week or so.  This one was great simply because it worked.

A continuous file of people came and left while I was there keeping the barista and his helpers very busy.  There were also people seated in the shop having a bit of breakfast or reading the paper and chatting away to the guy making the coffee.  It reminded me of the kitchen at my mother in law's when the family has gathered and she is feeding us while we are catching up with each other.  One couple kissed each other good bye as they left just as you do when leaving home to go to work.

The shop interior helped foster this feeling because of the mix of seating, artworks, the mirror on the wall and the fixtures hanging from the ceiling all speaking to the visitor - I mean customer - saying 'we have a place for you here, just squeeze in and make yourself at home'.

This shop is very obviously a regular stop for many people working in the area.

It had a slightly hectic and chaotic feel about it.  I was promised some water which did not arrive and I discovered I was reading yesterdays Australian.  But this is what happens at home so it was easy to forgive.  In any case it is hard to be picky when so many people vote for the place with their partronage.  They did after all have todays Financial Review.

This is a place more geared to kickstarting your morning rather than a place to relax.  If that is what you are after it is $3.60 well spent.


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