Today's long black came to me with a very different character to yesterday's.  Precision is the theme that would best describe it.

As I entered I could see the current papers neatly stacked on a long table at the front of the shop.  I can't recall if it included the Financial Review but whatever was there was crisp and in order.  The long table accommodated a group that may have been having a morning meeting - something this table seemed eminently suited to.  It was a high table with high chairs around it in a manner that encouraged alertness and contribution.  It's amazing how setting a table and chairs in a certain way can do this.  That's probably why some businesses have board rooms.

The furniture inside was aligned and functional.  This was where I sat.  Very few people who entered chose to sit down for long and I could see why.  The interior seating was quite spartan and austere.  It didn't quite make sense.  I ended up occupying two tables to rest my phone, coffee and the paper I was reading.

Water was available in a jug surrounded by glasses.  This seemed a sensible approach as serving water here would interrupt a well oiled machine.  Perhaps it could have been delivered to me when the coffee was bought to my table but the fact they found me without having to take a number provided enough polish.

My guess is there is a purpose in this type of approach.  When you have a large amount of people flowing through your shop it is best to keep the flow moving.  Keeping things uncluttered helps satisfy this requirement, especially for a coffee shop where you have peak times and you want people to grab their coffee and go.  It may explain why the price was only $3.00 as well, everything is stripped down to the bare essential.

I admired the way the owner - at least I guess she is the owner - looked very content with how things ran.  The coffee making was like clockwork and the shop looked profitable.  She had obviously found a formula that worked and was proud of it.  It was actually fun to watch and I admired her for it.  To top it off the coffee was lovely.  


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