Mermaid Walls

Mermaid Walls

I got on my bike for a very early morning coffee run yesterday to try a shop I had not been to before.  It was so early when I got there that it was still dark and the shop hadn't opened but it was nice to enjoy the early morning light as a new day awakens.  My effort to wake up early was worth while.  The shop is a small one with a very cosy feel.  I was the first customer in the shop and the only one for some time.  As usual at these dedicated independent coffee shops the coffee was excellent quality.  Of further interest was the art that was on the wall.  One of the main themes invloved the presence of mermaids.

On the down side although the furniture was comfy the table rocked a bit putting me on edge that I might spill some of the precious liquid.  Water was available at a central point at the front of the shop in a single bottle surrounded by many glasses.  Lucky I was the first one there or I might have had to ask for a top up.  The water had clearly stood in the bottle overnight and was a bit warm.  I asked if there were newspapers and was offered magazines instead - not quite the same thing but nevermind, with the iPhone handy reading matter is never far away.

For $3.00 I got a coffee, artwork, quiet solitude and a chance to start my day in a great frame of mind.  Pretty good value I think.


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