Hallelujah Coffee

Hallelujah Coffee

When I found a picture of this coffee shop on the internet I originally  thought of a church because of its ecclesiastical appearance.  It turns out the coffee is also heavenly.  It was very easy to drink which is an important attribute because I have it black with no sugar.  Furthermore, it left me with that pleasant nutty taste for some hours afterwards that I get from time to time with certain coffees.

Although the structure is quite large, the shop itself only occupies the entrance.  Coffee was not available in china cups and instead I settled for a half filled mug rather than a disposable paper cup.  This must be a common fix since the next guy who ordered said that he wanted a 'half mug long black' straight up.  It goes to show that if you sell the good stuff people will come back for it.  Another feature that would probably draw people to the shop is the cosy and casual feel of the place.  There are a couple of chairs in the shop and a couple of tables on the footpath.  Whereas in years long gone, the corner shop was a familiar face behind the counter and a chance to chat to other local customers, the local independent coffee plays the same role now.

Sitting in the shop reading the paper while looking at the people coming and going to get their coffee was a pleasant way to start the day.  I could choose from the Australian and the Courier Mail.  For some reason I forgot to hunt down the water this time.  Perhaps that is why the nutty flavour is still lingering.  In any case, the coffee was mellow enough that I did not need it.  On the other hand, I did see an array of drinks for sale including a bottle of water for $1.50 so maybe that is how they provide water.

It seems to work and for $3.50 I was able to start my day on a very good footing at an interesting shop.


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