Great Coffee, What About the Water

Great Coffee, What About the Water

It was a mixed experience this morning.  My constant search for a different shop took me to a city fringe location I had not visited for some time but which is a rich vein when it comes to independent coffee shops.

The broad front of this shop and the narrow door gave it a rather Southern European feel.  Especially the bench against the window facing the street with its high chairs.  I entered and asked for my long black and was a bit puzzled by the response which was to point at the paper cups on the wall and ask what size.  My thoughts were that I would have to settle for a paper cup coffee but happily when I picked up the coffee from the counter it was in a regular cup and saucer.

The decision to sit on one of the high chairs at the front bench was soon reversed as it had a slight sway which made me feel uncomfortable.  I opted to sit at the tables on the footpath on chairs that were still a little uncomfortable but much more secure.

After I got my coffee and paper - a Courier Mail today as there was no Australian - I went back inside in search of a glass of water.  I was directed towards one of the open fridges in which sat a rather sad looking plastic jug with water and a single tattered looking polystyrene cup.

Finally I was ready to sample the coffee.  This was a nice experience and left me with a pleasant nutty aftertaste and sent me happily off to work for the day.  Even though it was a close rung thing it ended up being $3.50 well spent.  


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