Extraordinary Crema

Extraordinary Crema

It's lovely to be finally back on the coffee trail after a bit of a break owing to work and family committments.  Today I attended a South Brisbane coffee shop which is not too far from where I live.  This area of Brisbane has no shortage of coffee shops and the expectation was for high standards.

Happily, my expectations were met in many ways.  The long black I ordered at $3.00 was well priced.  With the thickest crema I had ever seen and placed into a divine cup that had a large open top and a tiny base it was also very well presented.  The coffee was bought to my table with a 'you're welcome' when I thanked the gentleman for bringing it to me.  These things are important to me.

Although water did not arrive with my coffee, it was available in milk bottles on the main table.  This meant that I could take one and refill my glass without having to get up and go to the water source.  I have come to expect now that manually providing water during a coffee shops busy period may be a stretch to far and the ability to grab a bottle and glass to have with my coffee is a handy option for a business to provide. I suppose the same goes with providing newspapers.  In this case the Courier Mail and the Australian were available for sale and judging by the fact that I managed to purchase the last copy of the Australian, this is an option that must work for this shop and also bring in a bit of extra revenue.

When the time came to actually do what I intended at the shop; that is to drink the coffee, read the paper and watch the world go by, this shop excelled.  It may have something to do with finally having a clear, sunny morning but in addition to this the furniture was comfortable, the place was abuzz with people coming in and out to buy their coffee and one of the staff had some funky pink, red, bronze (I'm not quite sure what colour it was) hair.   The latter complemented the business clothes that the customers wore in this shop that could otherwise have made it appear slightly spartan.  There was also a mix of different furniture that would cater to meetings, couples, singles or people simply wanting to lounge.

This was a nice way to start the day.


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