Buying & Selling Medical Practices

Buying & Selling Medical Practices

By Philip Kendall | ABS Business Sales

Who is the Buyer ?

Traditionally, Doctors have been the principal owners. New business models and an ever-changing market environment has seen the entry of Corporate groups acquiring numerous Medical Practices. Doctors wishing to focus on the care of their patients and local community may find the challenges of the “ everyday “ business administration duties and oversight very time consuming. While Doctor who may be in the middle of his or her working life and not retiring for some years may wish to greatly benefit selling their business and still be an integral team member in the practice. Having a potential buyer who is a non-Medical Professional, but happens to come from another professional healthcare sector with in-depth business skills, experience and capacity may be an ideal professional relationship opportunity for them.

To achieve a successful sale or purchase of a Medical Practice, seeking out Business Professionals with a high level of expertise, a confidential approach, built trust and clear communication is essential.

The “ How To Sell “ Your Practice?

A variety of agreements and arrangements can be entered into with a structure of working at hours or days to better suit your lifestyle and at the same time not lessen the value level of the purchase price / return to the Seller.

a.  Valuation

Importantly, selling steps start with attaining a valuation of your business to set out it’s true profitability and it’s business opportunities moving forward.

b.  Ethical Marketing

Matching the right Buyers by building their awareness so targeting the “ Right “ party is crucial, we have a large database of more than 5,500 business buyers seeking business opportunities Nationally and Internationally.

c.  Selling Steps

Once we find the right buyer is not the end of the road. Over 70 % of our service as your Broker is provided at the point when the buyer has been identified when completing due diligence. From professionally negotiating the commercial terms of the sale and linking every stakeholder is critical to success of the sale, we take pride and priority in doing exactly this.

Make The First Step to Sell Your Medical Practice

Building an arrangement – agreement best matched to your goals is our primary priority. Wishing to remain working in your practice, or Sell your practice as you are planning your long awaited “ Sea change or Mountain change to the country “ or want your planned Retirement - earlier to enjoy we can help. For Confidential Service Contact Philip Kendall at ABS Business Sales.